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Breakfast & meals

You can taste varieties of traditional and special dishes homemade by Anastasia. Start your day with a rich buffet breakfast filled with aromas and homemade flavors!
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Breakfast - Heliotropio Studios & Apartments


Start your day at Heliotropio Studios and Apartments with a rich buffet breakfast filled with aromas and homemade flavors from the Cyclades. We offer a selection of traditional delicacies, promoting local gastronomic culture. Guests can enjoy a variety of home-made, quality and healthy breakfast dishes and savory snacks in a relaxed atmosphere.

Highlight of our breakfast buffet is the traditional home-made pie prepared every day with a variety of fittings such as cheese, tomatoes and onions. We also treat you with tempting, healthy sweets such as homemade jams, local honey and freshly baked cakes and pancakes.

Light Lunch - Dinner - Heliotropio Studios & Apartments

Light Lunch - Dinner

Sitting in a simple, comfortable and hospital environment you can enjoy alternative views of traditional dishes full of tastes. You can choose Greek salad with topic fried potatoes, special mousakas, fried small fishes, grilled sardine, Greek kebap and meatballs with white or red (bottle - table) wine.

There are many of drinks such as ouzo, beer or tsipouro !! Most of our products are from Milos keeping high standards of quality. We can also serve daily dish two times per week.

We can serve your order in our special breakfast hall or in your veranda - balcony.

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