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Boat House Heliotropio

3 persons
The new space we recently created is the most beautiful part of our unit. It is addressed to special and demanding visitors who seek the absolute contact with the sea, so that they can listen to its sound and feel its aura at all hours, even when they are resting !!

Its traditional big door is the absolute opening to the vastness of the sea and the absolute feeling of freedom, relaxation and upliftment of the soul and body. It is the perfect escape from everyday life !!

The area is a real cave, in direct contact with the sea and used in the past to guard and protect the boat during the winter months. Today it has been transformed into a comfortable and functional studio for three (3) persons, but with special attention and care, in order to preserve the traditional elements that characterize it.

The space is fully equipped (a built-in double bed , a single bed, kitchenette, microwave, coffee maker, kettle, toaster, A / C, TV, refrigerator, Wi-Fi, ceiling fan).
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Boat House Heliotropio

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